Information is being sought on an innovative artist who had a home on the Isle of Raasay.

Tom Newton, creator of several electronic stucco works in the 1980's, had a self built home on the island.

Dr Stephen P. Castell, touched by the unusual designs, is hoping to find more information about the artist.  He told The Skye Times: "I heard about Tom Newton back in the 1980s, in the early days of the microcomputer and related IT developments, when he had some publicity for his ‘electronic stuccos’ sculptures (or 3-D paintings).

"These were constructs which modelled electronic components, such as computer transistors, microprocessors etc to create large-scale works of art, in coloured plaster.

"One of them, for example, ‘Monolithic Transistor’, is it seems in the permanent collection of the Science Museum since around 1984.

"Back in 1988 Humberts was mentioned in the FT as looking to sell Tom Newton’s self-built home on the island of Raasay.

Kinloch's deliciously Tasty and Wild Treasure Hunt will appeal to foodies looking for something a little bit different this Spring Bank Holiday. On the shore of tranquil Loch Na Dal, surrounded by native and abundant forest, the hunting lodge's grounds are perfectly positioned to provide bountiful foraging on the Isle of Skye.

On Saturday May 26th, foraging aficionado, Mitch Partridge, will demonstrate what can be unearthed, sharing his local knowledge and 'craic'. The crop depends on the season but with every step there are mouthwatering morsels to be uncovered; edible mushrooms, wild garlic and sorrel in the forest, and along the shoreline, delicious seaweeds, mussels, samphire and the unappetising sounding, but totally scrumptious, scurvy grass.

A ‘Parliament’ of Clan MacLeod will take place at Dunvegan in July this year.

This title was thought of by the events initiator the late Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod.

It is nevertheless a ‘Gathering’ a term more familiar to members of Clan Societies. The first parliament was in 1956 and was repeated at first every three years but in 1974 it was decided to reduce the frequency to every four years. This year will see the 18th Parliament.