A ‘Parliament’ of Clan MacLeod will take place at Dunvegan in July this year.

This title was thought of by the events initiator the late Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod.

It is nevertheless a ‘Gathering’ a term more familiar to members of Clan Societies. The first parliament was in 1956 and was repeated at first every three years but in 1974 it was decided to reduce the frequency to every four years. This year will see the 18th Parliament.

Clan members and their families from around the world will gather at Dunvegan for a week of activities. Events are held before and during Parliament for special interests. There is always a group of young adults who undertake tasks or projects. They are called NRG which stands for North Room Group. The North Room of Dunvegan Castle is where they first met. The acronym also conveniently sounds like ‘energy’ – which being young they have plenty of.

This year there will be a tour of Lewis and Harris in the days before Parliament. The last such tour was 2006. In other years Assynt has been visited. These are all lands that were MacLeod territory.

So what happens at a Parliament?  Well there are formal meetings. These are necessary to organise a world-wide organisation and are the main reason why it is called a Parliament.  Also planned are excursions, ceilidhs, piping, singing, barbeque, talks, auctions and special themed lunches and receptions. In addition there are dedicated activities for children of various age groups.