Staffin Community Trust (SCT) will hold the 2017 AGM and an EGM, following an action-packed year.

The EGM will consider a resolution to make changes to the existing SCT’s articles, which includes a proposal to allow Staffin residents over the age of 16 to become members. The age limit is currently set at 18.

There will also be an opportunity for anybody join the SCT board of directors and for any local residents keen on becoming members.  The SCT membership now stands at over 90 people. 


Being a SCT member does not involve a requirement to attend monthly SCT meetings – although they are open to all – but membership means individuals are supportive of SCT’s projects and efforts on behalf of the Staffin community.  

The EGM and AGM takes place in Staffin Hall on Tuesday 26 September at 7.30pm.  Everybody is welcome.