Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Rising comedy star, Jim Smith, announces autumn dates for his Back to the Teuchter tour, as the funny farmer brings tales of rural life to audiences across Scotland

Jim hits the stage with quirky characters, distinctive regional slang and perfectly pitched impressions to give city slickers an understanding of what the outside world looks like to those that 'bide up the glen'. Hot topics include internet dating for farmers, village nightlife and how to pimp your Land Rover.

Head along to Kilmuir for an evening of entertainment later this month.

A Tatties and Herring meal will be held at Kilmuir Community Hall.  A vegetarian option is also available.

Kyleakin Gala could be cancelled this year, organisers say.

The announcement comes after an AGM had to be cancelled due to insufficient numbers attending.

Organisers say: "Kyleakin Gala has been running since the 70's.  How sad would it be if we can't pull together as a community and keep this great event going!?

"Kyleakin Gala 2019 will be cancelled if we can't get enough support needed to run the gala."

Another AGM has been scheduled for Tuesday 5 February at 7:30pm in the community hall.

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