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Morag Henriksen will be appearing at the Aros Centre on Friday 2 September at 2:00pm to launch Tapestry Of Scenes at the Skye Book Festival     Photograph and interview by Roz Skinner

Like a TARDIS, author Morag Henriksen's home feels bigger on the inside.  Or maybe she just uses the space well.  Every shelf is filled with books, every wall is cramming with paintings.
It's a million miles away from the place where she spent her adolescence - a hostel where she stayed when she attended Dingwall Academy.  "There were 75 girls all shut in at half-past five at night," Morag reveals.  "It was very Spartan.  I slept on an army camp bed with grey blankets, and when we finally got a red blanket, that felt like luxury."
That experience seemed to set the tone for much of Morag's early life.  "The creative side of me has always been stifled and I've spent the rest of my life making up for it," she explains.  Morag was forbidden by her father to go to art college, as it was viewed as a "waste of her academic brain."
So, it's no surprise that Morag makes sure her current surroundings, where she unleashes her creativity through writing and painting, are a warm, welcoming reflection of her personality.

Fresh from producing a new book on the vivid geology of the Isle of Skye, environmental geologist and author Alan McKirdy will be a guest speaker at the Skye Book Festival at 3pm on September 1.
Alan’s aim with Skye: Landscapes in Stone is to make it easier for people without a professional background in geology to understand how the landscape came to look like it is today and to put natural events like earthquakes and volcanoes in context.  And what a dynamic context – during the lifetime of the Earth, Scotland has spent more time in the southern hemisphere than in the north, and more time separated from England than linked to it.

Writer for The Skye Magazine, Katie Macleod - now based in New York and author of - interviews top-selling author Joanne Harris before her visit to the Skye Book Festival on September 3.

A disquieting tension rises, slowly but steadily, throughout the pages of Joanne Harris’ latest novel, Different Class.

From the first, it’s clear that something is going to go wrong – or indeed, has already gone wrong – at St Oswald’s Grammar School for Boys, set in the fictional English village of Malbry.

The Skye Book Festival is run by a community charity called Cleas.

Over the last five years, the Skye Book Festival has become firmly established as one of the highlights of Skye’s cultural calendar. Year on year the Festival delivers a comprehensive programme offering something for everyone.

The 2016 festival is taking place from 1-3 September 2016.

In this year’s programme we will be exploring everything from gripping crime thrillers, Skye family history, music and Gaelic culture to wild outdoor activities in a series of events, discussions and debates and we are thrilled to be hosting some of the most interesting literary figures and personalities along the way. Highlights include The Campbells of Canna, Joanne Harris and Peter May.  We hope you will join us for three days of literary inspiration and we look forward to seeing you.

To find out more see the Skye Book Festival website

Here is the link to download the Skye Book Festival 2016 programme as pdf


Writer for The Skye Magazine, Katie Macleod - now based in New York and author of - interviews top-selling author Peter May before his visit to the Skye Book Festival on September 3.

“I’d always had this picture in my mind of somebody being washed up on the beach at Luskentyre,” says the international best-selling author Peter May of the genesis of his latest crime novel, Coffin Road.
“I’ve always loved that beach… and I just had a picture of some guy being washed up there and not knowing who he was or where he was.”  This striking image - one that had been on his mind for years – became the opening pages of Coffin Road, which Peter will be discussing at the Skye Book Festival on September 3rd, at the Aros Centre in Skye.
The plot is complex, offering twists and turns that confound the reader, leaving them guessing until the very end. Who committed the murder on the Flannan Isles, and what does the man with no memory, renting a cottage on the Isle of Harris, have to do with it?


The Great Book of Skye 2 with Norman Macdonald and Cailean Maclean  12.00pm • £4.00

Cuimhneachan - Remembrance  Chair: Murdo Beaton.  2.00pm • £4.00

Alan McKirdy - Skye Landscapes in Stone Chair: Davie McClymont. 3.00pm • £4.00

Ian Stephen - A Book of Death and Fish at Portree Community Library. 6.30pm • FREE

The formal launch of The Great Book of Skye 2, by Professor Norman Macdonald and Cailean Maclean (pictured right) , forms the first event at this year’s Skye Book Festival on Thursday September 1.
The first volume, which was launched at Skye Book Festival in 2014 and went on to sell very successfully, featured 563 Skye people.
The new volume, timed exclusively for this year’s festival, brings to notice a further 275 women and men who have left their mark on the island’s past. Compiled from local and national resources, oral and written, its medley of themes makes it of interest to the scholar as well as to the person who wishes to find out about the ordinary – and the not-so-ordinary – people of Skye and their kin.

THURSDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER: Cuimhneachan - Remembrance
Chair: Murdo Beaton
2.00pm • £4.00
Seo a’ chiad chruinneachadh de bhàrdachd Ghàidhlig on Chiad Chogadh Mhòr - leabhar anns an cluinnear guthan nan saighdearan agus nan seòladairean a chaidh a shabaid agus guthan nam màthraichean, nam peathraichean agus nam ban a bha a’ feitheamh riutha.

Eadar dàin bheothail a’ moladh ar dùthcha aig toiseach a’ chogaidh agus bàrdachd mun sgrios mhòr dheireannach air Latha na Bliadhn’ Ùire 1919, nuair a chailleadh còrr is 200 duine air an Iolaire, tha sealladh drùidhteach an seo air a’ chogadh agus mar a dh’fhiosraich na Gàidheil e.

Tha a’ bhàrdachd anns a’ Ghàidhlig le eadar-theangachadh sa Bheurla.

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