Saturday, April 20, 2019
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How do you remember going to school?  By bus?  Maybe you walked, carrying heavy books?  Perhaps you enjoyed riding there on your bicycle?

Few people can say they have taken the route that Portree-raised Ian George MacDonald used.  Speaking at The Skye Book Festival, he told the audience:  "I was in Primary Two and I decided one day to cross the river hand-over-hand on a rope!  That took me into what is now the car park in Bayfield, but that time, it was a very wet, muddy jungle.  I can still feel the pain of the experience!"

Ian George, commonly known as I.G., was dipping into the past as he discussed his latest book, Memories Of A Portree Kid.  I.G. said: "I wanted to write a book for my grandchildren, so that they could know what Portree was like when I was growing up."

Chairman, Alister Ross, remarked that the book will “remind you of things you thought you had forgotten.” In it, I.G. takes his readers on a reminiscent journey through various aspects of Portree living – including school days, shopping, sports, attending church and crofting history.

There was a sense of nostalgia as I.G. talked about his childhood, and especially when he screened photographs of bygone Portree. However, listeners were left with the positive conclusion that the past has not been forgotten.  It can be visited in I.G.'s book, where you can share his memories and relive your own.

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