Sunday, August 18, 2019
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The woods behind the Aros Centre in Portree provided a picturesque setting for the 2016 Skye Book Festival Poetry Walk.  

Guided by Davie McClymont and Professor Norman MacDonald, a small group braved muddy terrain and fallen trees to listen to several poetry readings. 

Starting with a view of St Columbas Loch, a poem entitled "Saint" by Meg Bateman was read in both English and Gaelic.  

Dogs were welcome on the walk.  

After meandering through the moss-clad trees, the walk took the strollers to what had once been the township of Coilleshadder.  Before the trees were planted, a community had existed and thrived there.  The remains of their buildings can still be seen today, although whether they were dwellings or byres remains unknown.  

A beautiful view of Ben Tianavaig and the Sound of Raasay provided a perfect complement to the reading of the poems.  

It was remarked that the "Poetry Ramble" might well become the "Poetry Scramble" as the walkers scaled several fallen trees!

At various points, the walk was punctuated with poetry readings, including work by Sorley MacLean, John Keats, Robert Frost and Aonghas MacNeacail.

Surrounded by whispering trees, it seemed appropriate to read Seamus Heaney's poem "The Plantation," as pictured above.  

This marks the third year that the Poetry Walk has taken place in conjunction with the Skye Book Festival - which is the only Scottish book festival to have a yearly designated poetry event.  

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