Monday, September 16, 2019
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Roz Skinner reports from the second day of The Skye Book Festival.  

The second day of the Skye Book Festival (Friday September 2) saw the launch of Skye author, Morag Henriksen's, second book.  Entitled Tapestry Of Scenes, the book is a collection of Morag's poetry, punctuated with her illustrations and stories from her travels.
Cailean Maclean acted as chairman and interviewed Morag about Tapestry of Scenes.  He noted that, while it contains Scottish stories and starts with a tale from Morag's childhood in Lochcarron, it also includes poetry and tales from her adventures in places such as Iceland and Australia!
During the talk, a slideshow of Morag's own artwork was displayed, depicting countryside scenes and portraits.
The audience were treated to Morag reading several stories from Tapestry Of Scenes, as well as various poems.  One of her poems, entitled "Feverish Fancies", dealt with delirium caused by influenza.  Read in Morag's enchanting tones, the poem came to life and encapsulated an imagination run wild.  Morag also recited another of her poems, this one in homage to Sorley Maclean and accompanied by an illustration from her son.
After inviting the questions, the audience requested that Morag sing.  She performed a song set in Australia, where she had travelled up the Murray River in a houseboat.
Immediately after the discussion, Morag appeared in the foyer to sign copies of the book.
Morag sums up her book, Tapestry Of Scenes, saying: "It's got silliness and solemnness, life and death...  I have taken stories I have written over the years and put them into two books I can be proud of."

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