Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Davie McClymont, left, on last year's Poetry Walk in the centre of Portree

There’s a unique element to the Skye Book Festival and that is the Poetry Walk with Davie McClymont and Norman Macdonald which starts at 11am on Saturday September 3 and is limited to only 15 places.
This year this event involves a walk above St. Columba’s Loch, and a chance to enjoy the landscapes of Coilleshadder and Fingal’s Seat, the views of Ben Tianavaig and the Sound of Raasay.
Those involved will be able to hear, made relevant to a Skye landscape, the poetry of local and international writers, such as Meg Bateman, Seumas Heaney, Sorley MacLean, John Keats, Aonghas MacNeacail (Angus MacNicol), and Robert Frost.
Davie McClymont is the former Portree librarian and Professor Norman Macdonald, who formerly worked for the BBC, is co-creator of the Great Book of Skye.
Davie explains: “This will be the third year that Norman and I will be doing it , and it may well be our last, as we both feel that we should not become institutionalised, and that a fresh presence should have the chance to put  their own stamp on proceedings.

“The format is very straightforward.  We take a bit of Portree, and we walk around it talking of the history, using pieces of poetry to illustrate our tale, and indulge ourselves outrageously in extended conversation with the walkers who have opted to join us.
“The standard joke is that there is more than one meaning of the word ramble. Certainly, while our geographical progress is almost linear, our historical progress is rarely chronological.
“The poets we use need not be local;, nor even Scots; nor even writing in English. If the punters wish to join in, or contribute, so much the better.
Only 15 spaces are available, so please book tickets at the Aros Centre or via the link here.

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