Monday, November 11, 2019
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A week-end clean up – clear up operation has helped further preserve Glendale’s dream to bring an historic building permanently back into use one more.

A working group was mustered by the Glendale Trust to take advantage of having access to a skip to clear out the old Borrodale School and the adjoining house and temporary structure. 

Prior to the working group entering the premises the community was given the opportunity to collect any personal items or items donated to the school that they wanted returned. A repair was made to the roof and the access and security of the site was ensured. 


Glendale’s Local Development Officer, Elizabeth MacLeod said: “On the day we had fantastic weather and the working group worked hard to clear all items out of the temporary classroom along with a large number of items out of the main school building and school house. Any items of value, historically linked to the school and Glendale or that could be used in the future were retained. Within the school house a great number of toys were found and these have been donated to the local play group. 

“The group also made a great effort outside the main school building and cleared most of the weeds that had grown through the tarmac along with the broken glass around the bottle banks.”

Discussions on how to develop the site and to ensure it does not fall into a worse state of repair are ongoing with a number of options and funding possibilities being looked into.

The Glendale Trust now plan to keep local informed and updated with progress of ensuring this historical building is brought back into use for the benefit of the community.

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