Wednesday, March 20, 2019
The skye times mobile


Flyskye in its on-going campaign to bring scheduled flights back to the island is hoping a planned photo exhibition, to be held locally this summer, will bring further support to the cause.

The Value of Small Airports is the theme of the exhibition which will take place on Skye at the end of August.

However, the visit to Skye will different from the other areas visited so far because it hasn’t had a scheduled air service since 1988, when Loganair withdrew the Glasgow service that had been operating since 1972.

The exhibition also forms part of a larger project, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, called Smart Peripheral and Remote Airports (SPARA) 2020.

At the moment Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen is looking in particular at the social and cultural importance of small, remote airports for their local communities, and will be studying small airports across Northern Europe, in Scotland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden.

What role does a small airport play in the everyday lives of the local community? Is the airport an important element in people feeling that they ‘belong’? These are some of the questions being asked in a study currently being conducted by the university.

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