Friday, January 24, 2020
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New stamps inspired by Sue's work


Lochcarron marine biologist and diver Sue Scott's efforts thousands of miles from home will soon be there for all to see.

For some of the work carried out by the local lass is set to appear in two new sets of stamps for the world's most remote inhabited island.

Over the last 12 years, Sue has been surveying wildlife on Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic and now some of the images she has captured are being used for a set of stamps due to be issued by the UK Overseas Territory next month.

A community was established on Tristan 200 years ago by Kelso-born Cpl William Glass and now its government has used the photographs by Sue, a qualified diver, to highlight critically-endangered wildlife of the Tristan Archipelago, a group of volcanic islands.

The creatures to feature in the two sets of stamps include the Gough flightless moth, Tristan rock lobster and birds such as the inaccessible rail and spectacled petrel.

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