Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Skye's Fairy Pools

As well as being a top tourist destination Skye has now been voted the most desireable place to live in Britain.

Nearly 24,000 people surveyed by website Rightmove said that the island with his rugged landscape and fantastic sea views was the dream location for them.

Many of the most desirable places to live in Britain have house prices which are relatively cheap compared with the national average, the study found.

The average asking price for a home on Skye is just under £231,000, according to Rightmove - well under the average price tag of a home generally across England and Wales, at £305,670.

Pembroke in Wales was also among the most desirable places to live. And with the average asking price for a home there at £169,969, Pembroke is the least expensive place to live on the list of the most desirable areas.

But in Salcombe in Devon, which was also among the most desirable places to live, the average asking price for a home is £635,083 - just below the average asking price for a home in London, at £643,838.

Many of those surveyed also dream of setting up home where they can enjoy the views of the Lake District, with Ambleside and Keswick also appearing on the list.

Rightmove's research manager Abiola Oni said: "The nation clearly want to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and settle down in some of the most beautiful places around Britain, from as north as the Isle of Skye to as south as the glitzy town of Salcombe.

"It's interesting that none of the areas are in the highest priced regions of Britain - London and the South East - likely because the appeal of some of the big cities is the good job options and transport links rather than moving for the amazing scenery."

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