Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Glendale has missed out on vital funding to complete an ambitious waterside scheme.

The Glendale Trust has been told it was unsuccessful at being accepted onto the second stage of the Coastal Communities Funding (CCF) programme.

Local Development Officer, Elizabeth MacLeod said: "We were applying to this fund to repair and extend the slipway at Meanish Pier along with installing a pontoon.

"I have spoken with a CCF funding officer and the reasons are that it was extremely oversubscribed. They had over 80 applications and of these 63 projects were deemed as fundable. Our application was deemed as fundable and he highlighted that it was also seen as a worthwhile project. Unfortunately they could only take 20 of these applications forward to stage two and 10 or less of these are likely to receive funding.

"Priority was given to applicants who had been knocked back for CCF previously due to oversubscription and this was our first application for the pier. Priority was also given to areas that have not received CCF before and a number of projects in Skye and Lochalsh have received CCF.

"They have recommended other funding streams and I am now looking into this. I'm disappointed but not despondent."

Meanwhile though the Trust has been awarded Lottery funds to celebrate the success of the Glendale Highland Market. When the application was made it was hoped to put on events in the October Holidays as a harvest celebration, however, with this now passed the Trust will co-ordinate a forum to agree how best to spend it, probably for events at the start of next season

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