Monday, November 18, 2019
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Skye MSP Kate Forbes has made it clear she wants families to still be able to get together and enjoy Bonfire Night fireworks.

Rebuffing a parliamentary motion to restrict the use of fireworks, primarily to large organised events she said: “Remember, remember the family on the fifth of November”

The motion tabled at the Scottish Parliament seeks to ban small fireworks displays in favour merely of community events, but the

SNP MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch has instead that Bonfire Night should be celebrated for bringing families and friends together.

In his motion entitled “Restrict Fireworks to Community Events” Highland-list MSP David Stewart called on his fellow parliamentarians to note “with the approach of Bonfire Night, fireworks will be set off other than at organised events and “understands that annoyance and anxiety will be caused to many people”.

Responding to the “killjoy” motion, SNP MSP Kate Forbes highlighted that, whilst community events should be encouraged, in the remote Highlands there will be many smaller family-run events across the region.

Said Ms Forbes: “Since I was a little girl, I've been going to fireworks' displays organised by several cousins. It is a relatively small affair with a few fireworks set off at the bottom of the garden and we all have a great time.

“The fireworks go off whilst fireworks in the neighbours' gardens are also going off so I really don't think it's uniquely disturbing.

“As the weather grows colder, it's a unique opportunity to bring family and friends together outside and enjoy an evening together.”

The MSP added: “At a time when Scotland is facing unprecedented financial and constitutional challenges, it beggars belief that any politician can find the time to table motions on such trivial matters.

“Of course we want folk to take extra care with fireworks, but I have faith in the people of the Highlands, and Scotland, to enjoy this time of year responsibly

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