Monday, November 18, 2019
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Six Portree teenage pals are out to prove that when it comes to art age really doesn’t mind.

For the youngsters, Molly Wood, Charlotte Webb , Conor Munro, Jacqualine Nicolson, Conan Macleod and Abbey Clark have come together to spearhead a new project aimed at bringing some extra colour into the lives of elderly residents at the local Budhmor care home.

Already, with the support of local youth development officer, Annie Davidson, they have secured the funding they need to get the project off the ground and are currently looking to employ a community arts worker to help guide the multi-generational mural creation project. It is expected to take around 12-14 weeks to complete the project but with funding time limited the first suitable arts worker candidate will be selected to make the earliest possible start.

In their application for funding the six young people said: “We are friends who live in Portree and meet at the local Youth Drop-In or in each other’s houses. Three of us are members of Misty Isle Youth Forum.

“We enjoy doing voluntary work and have been in contact with Budhmor residential care home for the elderly to talk about things we could do together as some of the old folk never get any visitors and would like to feel more part of the community.

“The residents would really like a mural to brighten up a long, boring corridor in the home. This is why we are interested in doing an art project.

“We would like to be able to pay a community art worker to help both young and old people work together to come up with ideas and help us create a design for the mural using both traditional and modern methods.

“We would like to blend hand-drawn and digital images which mean something both to the elderly people and the young people who create the mural.

“Then we need help to transfer the design on to the corridor wall and paint it, maybe including textured surfaces for residents with sight problems so they can still enjoy it even if they can’t see it.

“The ideas might change a bit once the project starts but these are our initial thoughts. The project will make young people feel more comfortable visiting a home for the elderly and it will make the residents feel less isolated and more involved in the community.

“The mural project will give everyone a focus and encourage communication between generations.

“There will be a lasting end product which will improve the environment in the home and brighten up a dark space.

“We might be able to help old people with new technology and both the young and old people will learn new skills.

“The project is in our own time so will increase opportunities for us to do volunteering.

Youth Development officer, Annie, added: “The residents at Budhmor will decide where the mural will go – may be the dining room as everyone uses it but that will be agreed at start of project.

“This is an exciting intergenerational project which, to my knowledge, hasn’t been done before on Skye. Short term but with long-term impact and benefits.

“I’m hoping that it will provide an opportunity for young people to become regular visitors to the home as that’s something the residents have expressed a desire for.”

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