Wednesday, November 13, 2019
The skye times mobile

Clare Gray has won the competition to inspire the brand new Glendale Check.  Her photograph received over 41 votes on Facebook, as well as votes via email.  

The Glendale Check will be in homage to the world-famous Glen Checks, which were designed in the mid-19th century and comes in a variety of patterns.  The competition was run by Roger and Andrea of Skye Weavers.  

Once the tweed has been made, Clare will receive a prize of four exclusive Glendale Check cushions.  

Clare thanked everyone who voted for her, saying: "Thank you for all your likes.  I'm a big fan of Roger and Andrea's work.  I think their cloth is beautiful and to be a tiny wee part of the process is a huge privilege.  I've never won a competition before, so for this to be my first has made my day!"

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