Monday, November 18, 2019
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Filled with exuberance and excitement, Skye-born Danny MacAskill's latest film celebrates the beauty of rural areas near Edinburgh and the joy of riding in the countryside.

The film, entitled Wee Day Out, show Danny transforming a hay bale into a unicycle, leaping onto and riding over a cottage, somersaulting through the woods, patting a Highland cow and cycling through a deep puddle.  Wee Day Out also features a cameo from Danny's father, Peter.

The last time Danny used his mountain bike in a video, he was atop the Cuillin Ridge.  Shooting in rural areas enabled him to perform tricks that could not have been attempted atop Skye's mountain range.  Danny said that he wanted Wee Day Out to have a more light-hearted feel than his video at the Cuillin Ridge.  He hopes that his latest film will resonate with viewers who enjoy bicycling in the countryside - and overcoming the obstacles they find there!

Wee Day Out captures the serenity of a ride in the country and juxtaposes that with Danny's genius for adventure.  His effortless and breathtaking performance can be viewed here.  

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