Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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What shall we call it?

Skye's Camuscross & Duisdale Initiative want locals to help name what is set to be the new heart of the community.

Next Easter the organisation expect to see their new hub complex, made up of a shop, café, post office, hall and office and employing around six people open and ready for business.

Now in advance the Iniitiative is seeking a new name for the new facility.

In their latest newsletter they say: "We know what it’s going to be - a hub for community life - but now that building is about to begin it’s time to leave the generic description behind and choose the name.

"It’s time to make it personal, make it distinctively ours. At our last up-date event we asked people to write their suggestions for the name on a panel, and you came up with around a dozen ideas.

"Very appropriately all of the suggestions, with just one exception, were Gaelic names. And the exception was Dutch!

"Many people agree that that the best name to reflect our community would be a snappy Gaelic title that’s also easy enough for
those who don’t speak Gaelic to recognise and adopt. We’ll then draw up a short-list of the most popular.

"Here are all the suggestions received so far, with the meaning in English beside each one."

An Talla Againne Our Hall
Beul a’ Bhaile The mouth of the village (or ‘
the talk of the town’)
An Crùbh The hub of a wheel
An Crann The mast/(flag)pole/plough/
any prominent structure from a cross to rig - probably
because a telegraph pole currently marks the site
Am Bothan The Bothy
An Taigh Cruinneachaidh The Gathering House
Cearcall na Coimhearsnachd The Community Circle
An Àiridh The Sheiling
An Druim The Ridge
Àite spòrsail A fun place
Àite spòrsail math A good fun place
An Taigh Cèilidh The Ceilidh House
De Skier ?? (Dutch!)

"Please make more suggestions and then help make the choice! Very importantly, beyond having a Gaelic name, if you have suggestions as to how we can genuinely put the use of the language at the heart of our hub, please share your thoughts with
any of the directors."

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