Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Teenager Emily Beedie from Portree is aiming to raise £200 to enable her to volunteer for the second time in Zimbabwe.

Eighteen years old Emily made the decision to work alongside the organisation, African Impact, to assist a variety of people.  African Impact offers a safe environment for volunteers from all over the world to make a difference.  Emily's work included teaching in schools, helping older people in their homes and gardens and even monitoring hyenas!  

She said: "Last year I decided rather than go away and study nursing that I would love to go over to Africa and volunteer.  I worked with a variety of people, teaching in Primary schools, pre-schools, working with older people and helping out in their home and working in vegetable gardens.

"This year I have decided to go back to Victoria Falls helping out in the same way, but over a longer period of time because I loved it so much last year and it made a lasting impact in my life. To do this I require a working permit, I would also love to buy the children plenty of stationary and games to take out and give to African Impact for the projects. I have worked continuously throughout the year raising the funds to pay to go away.

"I am leaving on November the 6th and I will return on the 28th of February."

She added: "Before I left Scotland, I thought I had it hard.  When I left Zimbabwe, I realised how lucky we are in the Western World.  There is not a feeling you can feel until you see a smile from a child who has nothing being given, just a little time from someone who cares, and for this I will always be thankful.  Any donation, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated!"

Emily's Go Fund Me page can be found here, along with photographs from her previous adventures in Africa.

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