Monday, January 27, 2020
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Despite recent clashes The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) have expressed good wishes to Catriona MacLean, the CEO of the Crofting Commission, who is moving on.

However, they have expressed concern that the organisation is now left with no-one at the helm.

“We have worked closely with Catriona for over three years and have seen the Crofting Commission become much more competent in its administrative functions”, said Fiona Mandeville, Chair of the Federation.

“Her helmsmanship has been very significant in keeping some sensibility over the grazings debacle that has led crofters to lose confidence in the commissioners. We are therefore viewing her departure with not a little trepidation. The importance of appointing a strong successor as soon as possible cannot be over emphasised.

Fiona from Skye added: “However, a senior post has arisen in the Drink and Rural Communities Division and it is of no great surprise that Catriona’s talent is recognised and she is being promoted into it. We offer her all good wishes in the new job and look forward to working with her again, in the new context.”


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