Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Eyes on Skye, the community organisation established to focus on tourism related issues and how they impact on the island, have held their first meeting.

Reporting the occasion on social media the group say: "We really want to stress that we are pro-tourism. Many in our group rely on visitors for their livelihood, and we all recognise that many communities and services would not survive without them.

"The problems are not caused by the tourists, it is simply that there is not the infrastructure there to support the numbers who wish to visit every year. We want to look after Skye for visitors and locals."

About the meeting itself they added: "We had a good mix of attendees, from natives to newcomers, and a mix of ages too. 

"We identified five main areas which we would like to focus on for starters. These are toilets, roads, rubbish, parking, and education/information sharing. The plan is to deal with these one at a time, taking one week to identify what needs to be done, and who is going to do it.

"We discussed liaising with community groups, councils, trusts, police, and other interested parties. No final decision was reached on this, as it is probably going to depend on our choice of actions. We also discussed the possibility of gaining funding for some projects, and agreed that this is something that again needs to be dealt with on a cause-by-cause basis, as funding is usually easier to obtain for a specific project, rather than just for a group."

As their first focus the group are now going to target issues around toilet facilities and aim to create a comprehensive list of this available on Skye.


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