Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Seven people were brought to safety during two different mountain rescues on Skye.

The incidents happened virtually simultaneously yesterday (Aug 29) with the local Mountain Rescue team managing to cope with both.

The alert was first raised at around 2.30pm when a party of three, one male and two females, found themselves lost and disorientated in thick mist and poor weather conditions on the Cuillin.

Skye MRT leader Gerry Akroyd, said; “They didn’t really know where they were as they had lost their way off the path in the mist and that caused difficulties finding them.”

Fifteen rescuers were involved and eventually the party were located in the Corrie na Banachdich area and brought down to safety at around 7.30pm.

Meanwhile the alarm had also been raised on the Quiraing after a group of four American visitors were caught out by deteriorating weather.

Gerry added: “They were not equipped for the conditions and were just wearing jeans and didn’t have a waterproof between them. As is often the case they underestimated the weather and the speed at which it can change.”

The group, consisting of two men and two women, all in their 60’s, were eventually located around four hours after they had set off.
Gerry said: “One of the women was quite hyper thermic at that stage but we were able to get them down safely.”

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