Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Skye's own tourism management organisation has responded firmly to Highland Council's decision to progress with further work on the Transient Visitor Levy, the so-called Tourist Tax.

SkyeConnect repeated its opposition to any tax that focussed solely on accommodation providers - and which did not create a revenue stream to come back to assist tourism-related projects on Skye itself.

It states: “The Board of SkyeConnect has contributed to both the Scottish Government and Highland Council consultations and we acknowledge the amount of work that Highland Council officers have done in collecting the data and analysing the responses.

"It is not surprising that a local authority would vote for an extra source of revenue. In our response to the consultations we made it clear that any TVL could not be a “one-size-fits-all” tax.

"The so-called 'bedroom tax’ might be the most simple solution for urban areas, but it is certainly not the solution for Skye.

"It was encouraging that a number of the members also felt that the ‘bedroom tax’ was not the most appropriate solution for Highland Region.

"Recent press reports have highlighted SkyeConnect’s suggestion that emerging technologies, such as number plate technology, could be employed to ensure that camper vans and other itinerant visitors arriving on Skye are subject to the same charge as visitors booking hotel or self-catering accommodation.

"We have always made it clear that the majority of any money raised through a TVL should be spent locally. We will campaign against future Skye-raised TVL funds going into Highland Council coffers in Inverness unless it is ring-fenced for investment in Skye.

"We will also campaign against the additional VAT raised on top of a TVL going into central (UK) Government coffers."

See also the recent BBC Highlands and Islands report on the opportunities in technical advancement including number plate recognition and sensors.…/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-50670…

You can read the Council's Consultation report in full here.…/item_18_transient_visitor_levy

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