Saturday, January 18, 2020
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A powercut is currently affecting 134 homes on Skye. 

A mobile generator is on its way from Inverness and is estimated to arrive by 7:30pm.

SSEN say the power is expected to be restored at 9pm today (Tuesday 12 November.)

The power went off at 1:05pm today and initially affected 414 customers on Raasay, Portree and other areas on Skye.

SSEN told Skye Times Online: "Our engineers are currently working to restore supplies, with the number of customers affected now down to 134, with all properties on Raasay restored.

"On the rare occasions there is a power cut, our priority is to restore supplies as safely and as quickly and as possible.

"Once everyone is back on we will carry out our investigations to establish the cause of the power cut."

A spokesperson from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) continued:  “We would like to apologise to our customers, thank them for their patience and assure them that our engineers are doing everything they can to restore supplies as safely and as quickly as possible.”

Anyone needing more information is asked to call on 105 or send a message on Facebook or Twitter (@ssencommunity) and quote reference 'FU4382'.

Affected postcodes include:

IV30 1JD

IV40 8NG

IV40 8NS

IV40 8NT

IV40 8NU

IV40 8NX

IV40 8NY

IV40 8NZ

IV40 8PA

IV40 8PB

IV40 8PD

IV40 8PE

IV51 9BT

IV51 9BY

IV51 9HP

IV51 9LE

IV51 9LG

IV51 9LH

IV51 9LJ

IV51 9LL

IV51 9LN

IV51 9LP

IV51 9LQ

IV51 9NA

IV51 9NE

IV51 9NF

IV51 9NG

IV51 9NH

IV51 9NJ

IV51 9QH

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