Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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A leaking valve and a damaged water main have been identified as the causes of water problems in the Dunvegan area.

The valve was located in the Uiginish area and repairs have been carried out.

Scottish Water told Skye Times Online that the problem came to their attention when the supply in main water storage tank was dropping faster than normal.

A spokesperson for Scottish Water stated: “We would like to apologise to customers in Dunvegan who experienced disruption to their water supply over the weekend."

They continued: "Engineers began work to pinpoint and remedy the cause of the loss of water, while also arranging for extra water to be brought in via road tanker to restore and maintain supplies.

"A leaking valve was identified and repaired in the Uiginish area, while tankers were used to restore supply to the great majority of customers.

"Extra teams were sent from Inverness to assist; and bottled water was delivered to potentially vulnerable customers, including a small number who were without water overnight.

“Unfortunately, the tank level fell again overnight on Saturday, resulting in loss of supply and low pressure recurring on Sunday morning.

"Further work was carried out at Uiginish and a damaged water main was also identified in the Kilmuir Road area.

"The affected section of the network at Kilmuir Road has been isolated, enabling supply to be restored to all apart from three customers in the immediate vicinity who are being supplied with bottled water.

"We are continuing to monitor the situation closely while completing the necessary repair - and will endeavour to keep any further disruption to a minimum.”

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