Friday, November 22, 2019
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A Swiss sculptor has created a unique work of art from Skye Marble.

31-year-old Zakir Makhdoomi made his sculpture in just two weeks and it is now residing at Duncan House in Strathaird.

Garth Duncan of Duncan House creates bespoke jewellery and the sculpture will reside in his gallery.

Zakir’s first venture into the world of sculpture came when he visited another friend of his mother - Boutros Romheim. Zakir related: “I was very inspired by him and his work. I went on a course using Carrara marble from Italy and that was a big inspiration to me. After this, I took a basic apprenticeship in stone masonry. Later, I got into art school in Germany.”

These days, Zakir spends his time back home in Switzerland and pursues his art on the weekends. He stated: “In 2018 I moved to the Berner Oberland and work in my studio in the Kandertal. Since then I am a member of the artists association bkbeo.

“I don’t live from art, as I finish my apprenticeship in gardening next summer. I think it’s important to have alternatives to make money, so you don’t have extra stress. I make five sculptures a year and do around three exhibitions a year.

“I’ll definitely come back to Skye and make more sculptures, as I like the stone and I like the island.

“My spiral sculpture will stay in Garth’s house for now. He has a gallery with his handmade jewellery and my sculpture will be available to purchase there.”

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