Saturday, December 07, 2019
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A major road improvement project will be delayed after adverse weather conditions have been predicted.

Teams had been making good progress in the £445,000 project to address six locations of the A87, with resurfacing work completed at Torra Michaig, Varagill and south of Strollamus ahead of schedule.

Poor weather delayed the start of the next surfacing project north of Strollamus, and decisions were taken yesterday (Tuesday 8 October) to postpone the remaining programme.

The £445,000 A87 project is planned to begin again on Monday 28 October.  

The remaining part of the programme will see improvements made at three sections of the A87 north of Strollamus, Broadford and Portree

After reviewing the programme additional road repairs on the A87 at Hinnisdale will also be completed over one night at the end of the project. 

All traffic management will be removed and there will be no restrictions on the road until the rescheduled projects begin later this month.

Eddie Ross, BEAR Scotland’s North West Representative, said: “Due to the poor weather forecast for the rest of this week, we’ve had to postpone the three remaining surfacing projects in our programme until the end of this month after the October holidays.

“We need specific weather conditions when carrying out road resurfacing to ensure it is installed correctly, and unfortunately this week’s weather forecast has forced us to reschedule.

“After liaising with our contractor and reviewing our programme we’re also proposing to carry out one additional night’s work at Hinnisdale to carry out further road repairs.

“We’ve planned the initial new dates to take place after the October holidays to minimise any impact to motorists, and we’ll ensure all key stakeholders are kept informed of the changes to plan.”

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