Friday, November 22, 2019
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The 60mph speed limit will remain in place at Sconser for the time being, Transport Scotland have confirmed.

Transport Scotland said they would like to see the outcome of the recent road improvements on the A87.

A traffic survey held there revealed that the 85th percentile speed of vehicles driving past the Sconser ferry junction was 50.6mph.

In a letter to Kate Forbes MSP, Hugh Gillies, Director of Roads, stated that, as the site is not of “known road safety concern” to Police Scotland, the 60mph limit will remain in place for the time being to allow recent improvement works to settle.

Kate wrote to Transport Scotland earlier this year to ask them to conduct a speed survey on what is presently a 60mph limit – and this summer met with a delegation from the organisation in Portree to discuss the matter.

Kate stated: “I can understand why Transport Scotland would like to see the impact of the recent road safety works. These improvements are helpful, but I remain of the view that the speed limit needs to be kept under review.

“I know it must be quite daunting for those coming off of the ferry, as drivers are going uphill and then trying to join a 60mph stretch of road.

“I will continue to represent constituents who have asked for a lower speed limit at Sconser, and have asked that Transport Scotland undertake a further review in due course after the recent improvements have had sufficient time to settle.

“Given the continued popularity of visitors to Skye, which will inevitably result in an increase in the number of vehicles passing this point on the A87, it’s unlikely to be an issue that will disappear anytime soon.”

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