Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Two walkers had a "lucky escape" yesterday (Saturday 7 September), the Skye Mountain Rescue Team have said.

The walkers were stuck on a ledge above Coire Greadaidh after taking a wrong turning.

The Coastguard helicopter R948 was sent to the scene, but was unable to extract the walkers due to their location and the conditions.

Three members of the Skye Mountain Rescue Team were flown into the coire and made their way to the walkers, while another team member was flown to the ridge and headed to the people from there.

A Mountain Rescue Team member abseiled down to the walkers and they were helped to less severe ground.

The Skye Mountain Rescue Team commented: "[The walkers] were then brought to a place on the ridge suitable for winch extraction with R948 - always a welcome sight and who again performed some terrific flying.

"Everyone was flown down to our Glenbrittle base and the incident was over by 21.30 - eight hours after it had begun."

All images from Skye Mountain Rescue Team.

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