Saturday, December 07, 2019
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A midnight mayday call was issued after a yacht collided with another vessel in Plockton harbour.

Kyle RNLI responded to the call from the 14-metre yacht.

Speaking of the incident, a Kyle RNLI spokesperson said: "The weather conditions were terrible, and due to the high winds the casualty vessel had dragged its anchor.

Luckily there was no one on board the yacht which they collided with, and both vessels escaped largely unscathed."

The two persons aboard the casualty vessel managed to secure themselves alongside the yacht they had collided with.  

Nobody was injured and neither yacht sustained any major damage.  

A crew member was put on board the yacht and made a plan to secure the casualty vessel to a nearby unoccupied mooring. Due to the very high winds and the close proximity of other vessels, it was decided to use the yachts own engine for propulsion, and to use the lifeboats power to manoeuvre the yacht safely onto the mooring. At 1:15am the lifeboat had successfully secured the casualty vessel to the mooring and the crew were stood down.



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