Saturday, December 14, 2019
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A person fell in the water near Eilean Donan Castle this morning (Sunday 1 September.)

The male casualty fell 20 feet off rocks whilst trying to take photographs of the tourist attraction.

A multi-agency rescue was launched to assist the man, involving Kyle Lifeboat, the UK Coastguard helicopter and local Coastguard units.

The man managed to scramble out of the water, but was stuck on the shoreline.  

A paramedic from the Scottish Ambulance Service had managed to get down to the casualty and assess his condition.  Due to the man's injuries, he could not make it any further up the rocks.

Speaking of the incident, a Kyle RNLI spokesperson said: "Whilst visiting the area on holiday, the couple had stopped in a layby to take pictures of the Castle when the casualty fell off the rocks and landed in the water below.

"His partner then ran about a quarter of a mile to the Castle to raise the alarm.

"The currents are extremely strong in that area, however he managed to get to the shore and hold on until help could arrive."

It was decided the best course of action was to transfer the casualty onto the lifeboat and transport him to the slipway at Dornie village hall where he could then be taken straight into the ambulance.

After being transferred onto the lifeboat, the crew immediately began trying to warm up the casualty who was extremely cold and wet.

Whilst the lifeboat was heading towards the slipway, the UK Coastguard helicopter arrived on scene and landed in a nearby field until it could be ascertained if the casualty would need to go to hospital via road or whether he would need to be airlifted. After reaching the slipway, the casualty was handed back over to paramedics from both the Scottish Ambulance service & the UK Coastguard helicopter, where it was decided he would go to hospital in the ambulance.

Images from Kyle RNLI.

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