Friday, November 15, 2019
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Skyeskyns will be returning to an ancient tanning method to cure their leather, while reducing impact on the environment.

The firm will be introducing skins tanned using mimosa bark.

The ancient, traditional hand crafted and natural process allows for the production of the very best quality sheepskins the business has ever produced. Eventually, everything produced within the tanning process will be compostable and spread back onto the Skyeskyns croft, supported, in future, by a series of reed beds. 

Jess Hartwell, Marketing Director at Skyeskyns said: "The skins we tan ourselves at Skyeskyns all come from either our own homebred sheep or from other Scottish sheep farms, minimising travel and using a waste product from the meat industry, and everything we do within the tannery and our entire process has sustainability at its core. We are now so excited to have launched a new to us, albeit very traditional, tanning process which produces incredibly soft, high quality leather in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.

"Our ethos, ever since my dad first started tanning in 1983, is about trying to effect positive change and be the best we can be environmentally and otherwise. This production change is a key step forward in fully achieving our aims and values. When you tie in all our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, from running an electric vehicle to using recyclable packaging, we are proud of the way in which the business is moving forward both commercially and environmentally.

"We are all delighted to be working with nature in such a low impact and beautiful way. Made by nature, enhanced by Skyeskyns."

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