Friday, January 17, 2020
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Education chiefs have begun sifting through some 300 applicants keen to take up the head teacher’s post on the tiny isle of Muck.

On Monday (Aug 22) applications official closed for the position which carries a salary of up to £35,000 to run the local island school off Skye which has a population of about 40 and just seven children.

Originally Highland Council bosses failed to find any suitable applicants but a social media campaign by locals led to interest coming in from around the world.

The smallest of the Small Isles in the Inner Hebrides, Muck is only about four square miles with a single road connecting the main settlement, the harbour at Port Mòr, with Gallanach. 

According to Skye councillor and education chair, Drew Millar attracting new people to come to isolated Scottish communities is a growing challenge for Highland council.

He said: “It’s unfortunately very difficult to get teachers, especially head teachers for our rural schools in the Highlands.

“It takes a particular type of person that would want to live on a small island community. Once you are on there you can’t just nip off for a pint of milk or a loaf of bread – everything has to be planned.”

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