Sunday, December 15, 2019
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A motion to use £170k to study and seek support for a trial air service between Skye and Glasgow has been approved.

The Highland Council Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee voted today (Thursday 16 May) to use the funds for development studies and to authorise the chair to write to the Minister of Transport for further support for the trial air service.

19 members of the committee were in favour of the motion and two were in favour of an amendment.  

Concerns have been raised regarding the investment in air services at a time when funding is needed for other local priorities, such as roads and health services.  A petition with, at the time of writing, just over 1,000 signatures was started, urging that local issues should be addressed before proceeding with trial plans.  

It was stated at the meeting that scheduled air services on Skye would allow health service specialists to visit the island on a regular basis. This would be factored into the ongoing review of health service provision on the Island. 

A number of local people had stated that they would use the air service for convenience purposes should it commence.

A recent poll on a local Facebook group has, at the time of writing, 530 votes in favour of the plans and 125 against the airport.  

At the meeting, information was also discussed on how other similarly-sized airfields, such as Dundee Airport, operate.  

It was noted that investment to the aerodrome would potentially have significant economic and socio-economic benefits for the local area, as well as further employment opportunities that would come from having a licensed airfield.  

The full report can be read here.

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