Saturday, September 21, 2019
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A new set of lines at Drynoch junction have taken local drivers 'by surprise.'

The road marks now indicate traffic coming from Sligachan direction and turning left towards Carbost must give way for vehicles turning right from Dunvegan.

A Highland Council spokesman said: "The right of way has not changed it has only been formalised in line with the current standards used throughout the country where there is a diverging lane for vehicles turning left and where vehicles turn right at the same junction into the same side road.

"Before, vehicles turning left from Sligachan would still have had to give way to a vehicle turning right coming from Dunvegan/Struan (as per the Highway Code), so, as our Community Services were remarking the junction they took the opportunity to formalise the situation to make it easier for road users to understand who has right of way when turning onto the B8009."

This development has come as a surprise to frequent drivers of the road.  One driver commented: "There has never been a give way sign at that junction, as far as I am aware.

"Anyone turning left towards Carbost always took priority over those turning right from Dunvegan.  

"The new road markings came as a complete surprise to me.

"The 'Give Way' marks aren't visible until you're right on top of them, so I had to brake sharply - which could have caused an accident for anyone behind me."

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