Monday, November 18, 2019
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Concerns have been raised over dangers to travellers posed by sharp tree branches beside the road in Skeabost.

Local artist, Ian Williams, photographed the trees when they were originally chopped back in December.  

Ian commented to Skye Times Online: "This was not a trimming exercise, this was wholesale criminal damage, corporate vandalism and, in some cases, trees that had age were ravaged and shredded to lethal, knife-sharp shards.

"The remaining spikes could cause serious injury or worse to an unsuspecting cyclist who falls off his or her cycle.

"Since this terrible treatment of the trees, the council have simply left the damage to clog up the water drainage system.

"I have spoken to many locals and not one condones this terrible attitude towards the trees."


In December, the Highland Council stated: "This section of the A850 is a fast road with vehicles travelling at speeds of 60 mph. Passing cars were finding that the scrub foliage was encroaching onto the roadside and there was a risk of vehicles getting scratched.

"The scrub and tree seedlings are growing on the banks of a roadside ditch. Cutting them back is part of roads maintenance and is being done in conjunction with the Skeabost cemetery road which is a single track route. Cutting back the scrub will improve the safety of pedestrians who need to step off the road onto the grass verge when cars pass. It will also prevent vehicles getting damaged and make the verge grass cutting easier for the machines."

Photographs by Ian Williams.

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