Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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A mountaineer has achieved the first ski base jump on Skye.

Tim Howell, who is part of the pro team for British clothing brand, Jöttnar, completed the jump from the Storr cliffs during a week-long series of five jumps at various Scottish locations.

Tim also achieved the first base jump from The Great Prow at Bla Bheinn.

Tim told Skye Times Online: "I have travelled to Skye a handful of times and always looked at the cliffs and thought of the possibilities to jump there!

"My friend, Josh, helped me find the locations and spent the whole week with me.

"I loved jumping the Prow at Bla Bheinn because it was really steep and a really nice bit of rock.

"It was so nice to do a base jump looking out to sea - I've never done a jump like that before!"

Tim's week in Scotland saw him jumping at the Cobbler, Glen Nevis, Ben Nevis and the two Skye locations - none of which had ever been jumped before.  

Jöttnar told Skye Times Online: "Tim is a key member of the Jöttnar Pro Team. This tribe of climbers, alpinists, skiers, speedflyers and BASE jumpers are closely involved in the brand's product development. They provide a resource where new product prototypes can be thrashed, smashed, battered and beaten, and where improvements and fine-tuning can take place.

"The weather and conditions in the Scottish Highlands, especially Skye, give us an ideal testing ground for our gear and it's been great to see Tim taking full advantage of this over this recent week."

First image: still from video footage of Tim's ski base jump from the Storr cliffs.

All images kindly supplied by Jöttnar.  

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