Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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The wedding dress found under a rock


It looks like there isn’t going to be any fairy tale reunion between a bride and her wedding gown but there might still be a happy ending!

Earlier this month The Skye Times reported how Orbost local Rachael Jackson had bizarrely discovered the dress under a rock in a peat bog on Skye.

Since then despite being widely reported on social media and through news outlets the true owner has not turned up.
Rachael said: “It’s a real shame because it is a beautiful dress and I would very much have liked to be able to give it back to the original wearer.”

“I don’t know why it was left but all I can think was that it was maybe it belonged to someone from abroad who either didn’t want to or couldn’t take it back with her when she returned home.

“Whatever the explanation though it looks like we will never know.”

According to Rachael the dress had been sitting outside for around four days when she discovered it in the Dunvegan area.

However, while the real owner may not have been found there could still be a happy ending to the story, at least for another bride to be.

Rachael said: “I going to give it to a charity shop and hopefully they can make some money for a worthy case and at the same time someone else will be able to enjoy the dress for their own special occasion.”


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