Saturday, April 20, 2019
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The swimming pool at the Lochalsh Leisure Centre will remain closed until Tuesday 11 December.

Extensive refurbishment is being carried out on the centre.  

Further closures are to be expected in 2019.  During this time, facilities will be improved for those with mobility issues, the heating system will be repaired, the steam room plant replaced and there will be a complete replacement of the centre's roof.

Chairman, Paul Wood, stated in an open letter: "These improvements and remedial works do come with challenges for the Leisure Centre, most notably, the six-figure cost for all of this work, and this is where the centre needs your help.

"As a charity, we receive no outside financial support other than from our community.  All the income generated by the centre comes entirely from the community and visitors using the pool and by your support of our fund-raising initiatives.  

"All we ask is that you continue to use the facility and support us as generously as you have always done."

Image from Lochalsh Leisure Centre Facebook page.



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