Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Skye Crofters are looking to boost their income and tickle the taste buds of tourists by raising the profile of island reared Mutton.

At a tourism conference organised by the areas Destination Management Organisation Skye Connect, crofters unveiled their plans to market locally reared meat from island sheep that are more than a year old.

Mutton was once a dietary staple for islanders but has gained an unfair reputation for being overly tough. Crofters want to get it back on the menu of local restaurants, so diners can appreciate its true qualities.

The project already has the backing of Skye Connect Chair, Shirley Spear.  “Mutton is beautiful meat with a unique flavour created by the sheep grazing on open pasture, moorland and seashore. It tastes distinctively good with an excellent texture. It will be great to see Skye Mutton back on menus – just another fantastic ingredient produced on Skye.

The Skye Mutton project is being led by Janette Sutherland.  “It is hoped we will be able to take Skye Mutton from the field to fork. This could be a really welcome additional income stream for Skye Crofters and an additional treat for visitors to the island.”

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