Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Raasay Primary children will be sleeping in the school in an effort to highlight homelessness in Scotland.

The school will be taking part in the Social Bite Wee Sleep Out, a junior version of the Sleep In The Park event.

To raise money for the event, the pupils will be running a Pop Up Wee Bite Cafe in Raasay Community Hall on Friday 9 November from 2pm until 4 pm. They will be serving refreshments and cakes, as well as explaining what their night at the school will involve.   People in the community can donate food down at the Raasay Community Shop.  

Headteacher, Wilma Duncan, told The Skye Times: "In the evening, at the school, pupils will watch a video on Social Bite, the charity.

"They will then cook tea using just the small portable school cooker to replicate the facilities that may be available to someone in temporary accommodation. The meal will be cooked from the typical contents of a food parcel. A box will be put in the shop with a note explaining that members of the community can donate - based on dried and tinned low cost foods. Although there will be some extra food on standby to make sure no one goes hungry!

"They will also bring along some cardboard boxes so they can see how cold and uncomfortable it would be if that's all they had for shelter/between them and the ground.

"They will also, weather permitting, light a fire in the garden for warmth, and at that point have a bit of a warm up with hot drinks, marshmallows and bread on a stick.

"There will also be a good story for the bedtime story too."

To find out more and donate, visit the website here.



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