Monday, November 18, 2019
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A yacht in danger of being broken up was towed to safety on Friday 26 October.

The yacht, which had one person aboard, had a steering problem.  Kyle RNLI say it was stuck against the windward side of Broadford pier and, due to being battered by high winds and large swell, was in danger of breaking up.

Kyle RNLI crew arrived on scene at 5:45pm.  It was decided to tow the vessel to safety.  However, it was said: "Maneuvering the vessel around the pier in the rough weather was a challenge, due to the fact the yachts rudder was jammed hard to port, and the large number of moorings in close proximity to the pier."

By 7:10pm, the lifeboat had successfully towed the vessel to a safe location.

Image from Kyle RNLI.

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