Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Officers in the Skye & Lochalsh area have been leading activity for road safety initiative Operation Cedar for the last week.

This has included reporting two drivers after vehicles were detected driving at more than 50mph in a 30mph limit in the Broadford area.

Three motorists were also detected for alleged drink driving offences on Skye over the course of the week.

Issues relating to driving without insurance, vehicle faults and careless driving were also detected over the course of the week.

Officers carried out general patrols across Skye & Lochalsh, resulting in engagement with drivers about speeding and other issues on the roads.

Local area Inspector Lynda Allan said: "Our communities have identified road safety as a priority in Skye & Lochalsh and we have acted on that under Operation CEDAR..

"We want to work with drivers to improve safety but we will take enforcement action if it is needed, as our priority remains reducing the number of people killed or injured on our roads.

"Drink driving is a particular concern locally and we will continue to work to remove from the roads anyone who thinks it is acceptable to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

"We would also ask drivers to watch their speed and be mindful of the limits. We stopped two vehicles which were travelling significantly over a 30mph limit in the last week.

"The speed limits are in place for a reason to keep everyone safe on the roads - please obey them and drive safely.

"As I regularly say, these are speed limits and not a 'target'so ensure you drive to to the conditions presented."

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