Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Be on your guard against bogus workmen, Highlands and Islands police have warned.

The police say that individuals may see the bad weather as an opportunity to defraud home owners by offering home repairs which aren't needed or have been exaggerated.

Lochaber, Skye & Lochalsh Preventions and Interventions officer PC Katy Duncan has urged people to be wary of these unscrupulous individuals.

She said: "Please be vigilant of anyone calling at your home offering to carry out repair work on roofs and chimneys, or offering to cut down trees which are dangerous.

"No genuine tradesman will cold call at your door offering to do such work.

"If you have concerns that there has been storm damage to your property then use a tradesman you know and trust or who has been recommended to you.

"It is always best to obtain three quotes and consult a family member or friend who you trust before you agree to any work.

"Please also look out for vulnerable people within your community who may be targeted.

"Say no to doorstep callers and call the police on 101 immediately to report any suspicious activity."

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