Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Stone piles at the Fairy Glen have caused outrage online.

A photograph, taken by Claire Irons, sparked a response from many when it was posted to local Facebook groups, including Friends Of The Fairy Glen.  

Comments included one from Marjorie Genders, who stated: "What an absolute disgrace.  We first came to Skye as visitors in 1971, continued at least once a year, until we moved to Skye 18 years ago.  Loved it, would never have done anything to the landscape etc.  We moved away last year, we saw many changes over the years, not always for the good."

Others are of the opinion that, apart from there being so many, no obvious harm is caused.

A number have formed plans to visit the Fairy Glen on Saturday 15 September at 1pm to dismantle some of the stones.  

Photography by Claire Irons.

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