Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Just days after their last Yellow Weather warning the Met Office have issued another – this time for heavy rain – affecting Skye and the North West Highlands.

The warning covers the period from 0005 on Thursday 11 Aug to 1800 Friday12 Aug.

The Met Office say:

Across the Northwest Highlands and northwest Argyll, including the Isles of Mull and Skye, persistent rain will turn heavy on Wednesday night and continue through much of Thursday and well into Friday. Please be aware of the likelihood of low impacts. For example, driving conditions are expected to deteriorate with localised flooding on prone sections of road. The persistence of the heavy rain may also affect outdoor events and holiday camping activities in these areas. The rainfall is expected to ease later on Friday.

This warning has been updated to raise the likelihood and to extend the area southwards to include the Isle of Mull and northwest Argyll.

A strong and very moist westerly airstream is expected to cover Scotland from Wednesday night until sometime during Friday. As this encounters the mountains of northwest Scotland, large amounts of rainfall are expected. Through the whole period, rainfall totals of 50-100 mm are expected widely, with 150 mm locally over the mountains. There remains uncertainty regarding how long the heavy rain will last into Friday and this warning will be kept under review


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