Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Broadford Co-Op refurbishments have been rescheduled for October 29.

The Project Manager responsible for the refurbishment confirmed at a meeting yesterday (Thursday 23 August) that the overall completion date is estimated to be March 19.  

There will be a break in the works for around a fortnight in December over the Christmas and New Year period.

The full refurbishment of the shop is planned to start on January 7.  The two-phase project will see the front of the shop adjacent to the petrol station closed and 3,000 square feet at the back of the shop open.  When the first phase is complete then the available shopping area will be reversed which will allow a similar shopping area, at the front of the shop while the rear area is refurbished.

It is hoped that this will allow the Co-Op to remain open throughout the refurbishment. 

Hamish Fraser, Chair of the Broadford and Strath Community Council, stated on the BSCC Facebook page: "Talks are still ongoing with regard to the matter of continued fuel supplies during the upgrading process.

"The BSCC have made it clear that this is the main issue and that a complete closure would have a devastating effect on the community and the many businesses that operate within the area. We will continue to press for interim provision and we are encouraged at the positive attempts, by the project manager, to provide that life line service during refurbishment and his willingness to continue looking at further options we presented to him at the meeting yesterday."

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