Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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What is arguably one of the world's best travelled chairs has made it to the Isle of Skye.

"The Untitled Chair Project" is the brain child of American photographer, Sean Blake.  Sean told The Skye Times: "I am travelling around the world with this one particular chair and photographing amazing people with it. To date, the chair has been to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Goa, India, Milan, Italy, America and now Scotland.

"The entire project is being shot with a plastic DianaF camera with an instant film back. The final result is portraits on Polaroids."

The international photography series aims to raise awareness for the need for registered bone marrow donors.  Sean stated: "Like most people that work on a cause, I lost a loved one to leukemia years ago.

"It's simple and painless to join the registry. In the rare case for those registered to get called upon to donate, there is new, less intrusive fashion of donating. It's called PBSC, Peripheral Blood Stem Cell, it's very similar to donating blood."

Sean described his Skye visit, noting: "I read that the Isle of Skye was historic and beautiful.  The views are breathtaking.  Being there has added volumes to The Untitled Chair Project.  

"Sadly, it rained most of the time, so photography was very limited.  I had to create a raincoat of sorts for the chair - that's why there's clingfilm on it!"

More information about Sean's project can be found here.


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