Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Skye's Councillors will spend a day entirely in wheelchairs for Wheelchair Awareness Day.

Organised by the Skye and Lochalsh Access Panel, the event will take place in Broadford and Portree on Monday 27 August.

The Councillors have given the day their full support and will spend the day trying a number of simple tasks suggested by wheelchair users in the Skye community.

Throughout the day, the councillors will each use four different types of wheelchair: attendant pushed, active self-propelled, power-assisted and self-propelled with extending leg rest.

The aim is to give the Councillors some ‘real life’ experience of the challenges experienced by wheelchair users, and their carers, locally on a daily basis, and how there can be simple barriers to independent access which could easily be removed.

Some of the simple tasks the councillors will undertake will include using accessible toilets, visiting various service providers, shopping and negotiating ramps and doors.

“Wheelchair Awareness Day is a very positive step towards raising awareness of the needs of people with disabilities in our local area,” says James Greer, Chairperson of the Access Panel. “And how difficult it can be sometimes to carry out simple tasks
independently. And who better to experience this than those who make decisions which affect people with disabilities in their community.”

Above: planning for Wheelchair Awareness Day.

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